A unique culinary experience with spectacular views

Come to Atenas Chill Out and enrich your soul with an unforgettable experience. Share the idyllic vistas with your family while savouring our exquisite cuisine. Let the warm sun and sea wash over you, and let go at our captivating nightly Sunset Ritual as saxophone serenades its goodbye to the sun. Enjoy your favourite cocktail, and even invite your furry friends along for this culinary adventure!

If you prefer to have a reservation and be close to the Chill Out area, you can do so in our Atenas restaurant.

Atenas Chill Out offers an ideal environment for families to come together for a bit of fun.

Apart from Mediterranean dishes, our menu was created to enjoy among friends, with fantastic nachos, Wagyu hamburgers, unique sandwiches, pizzas, braviolis, and more.

Important: Reservations are not accepted in this area, which offers low tables, high-top tables, and a large bar for you to find just the right spot.

The sunset, our hallmark.

Since 2014, we have been toasting the sunset at Atenas for one special reason. In the past, a war took place over what was most valuable to mankind: the Sun. Fortunately, thanks to the pleading of our muses, we were able to get it back, but only under the condition imposed by the gods to celebrate the Sun's farewell each day. So, every afternoon, we invite you to enjoy a relaxed and festive atmosphere on La Barrosa beach, where music and live performances are never in short supply. ¡Viva las Musas!

If you look closely, you might find the home of Hercules.