About us


Born to make you happy

A spectacular pine-dotted setting with exceptional views of La Barrosa against painted skies of hypnotic sunsets, we are that piece of paradise you’ve often dreamed of. This unique and magical place is where life invites you to relax and fully enjoy all the things we know make you happy. Torre Bermeja is a unique enclave where we welcome you to experience the famous emotions of the South, with a splash of joy that invites you to savour the moment.

A perfect marriage where we give free reigns to imagination, offering you a select culinary offering boasting the quality products and flavours of our region in a relaxed environment, where exceptional live music, drinks, and hand-crafted fresh fruit cocktails make all the difference.

Our space offers direct beach access and private parking.

"Atenas is your place"

“Atenas is your place”: Produced by Atenas Playa. The song of the summer, sung by all the artists that perform at Atenas.

“Cádiz”, Atenas Playa's song

Have you heard the song BER produced with us to celebrate Atenas Playa yet?